Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Test Icicles - Grupo de moda y que jeta


It is a good idea to join the band in this website in which we can spread all our experiences around the globe. I will suggest to all the sunae dae pierces following up this band: www.myspace.com/testicicles

They play this new wave of punk-popi-tecno beats and riffs in a very efficient way. Indeed, they are just three guitar players that play prerecorded bass and drums.

Those prerecorded tecno beats is 80% of the show, the rest are the three of them sharing guitar, vocals and key-synth roles without paying any attention to the shit they are playing.

Nice concert last Sunday in Amsterdam Melkweg and beautiful popy fancy girls waiting them to rock. 700 hundred people, 40 % chicks. Despite those assholes that started to hit the dancers with their stupids punky fighting-dances, the atmosphere was ok.

I suggest listenening their hit circle square triangle, it is a very young group and they must pay more attention to their music rather than to their live moves.

Tomorrow Mr Felix da Housecat is playing in Paradiso, let´s go!

Isak Da Jaguar

PD: Iñaki, everybody likes superbowl!


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